This is a Whateley training team made up of the children of the adult superhero team STAR League. The children started fighting crime without telling their parents, and when they were found out their parents made them chose between wearing a device that suppressed their powers until they turned 18 or to be sent to Whateley for some real training, at their arrival at the academy they learned that no power suppresser existed and that their parents signed them in with the academy the day before they were given the choice.

Shortly after their arrival at Whateley they (along with Lancer) got into a fight with the Masterminds in the process of preventing them from stealing the gizmo taken from the Yama Dojo ninjas resulting in both parties getting detenction for two weeks, the STAR League Jr. being "forced" to spend them working for Security without pay, with the option of becoming Security Auxiliaries once they served the two weeks (which they did).[1]

Winter Term 2007 they're taking Team Tactics, so they show up quite a bit.[2][3][4][5][6][7]



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