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Image of Sanguine, post-regeneration, made by Rose Bunny.

Sanguine, a.k.a Valentina DuMont, is the biological sister of Everywoman, a.k.a Eve DuMont, at least, after she had a bout of regenerator cloning from consuming the blood of said donor. Before that, she was Vince Calloway.[1]


We don't know much about Vince's backstory, other than he lived his mother in New York City when he was eleven, with no father mentioned.[1]

Everything else after his mutation is covered in Sanguine's origin story.


Main Character[]

Physical Description[]


At about eleven years of age, and given that her currently known form is "taller than he had been as a boy by at least a couple inches",

His height was few inches under five foot ten, at least.


at least six and a half feet tall. His chest had grown broad and muscular, but his limbs were definitely thin. Thin and long, longer than normal, his hands scraping the ground as he walked. Thin brown hairs covered his body, and with the upturned spaded nose and large pointed ears jutting from the sides of his head,
his long canine teeth showed whenever he opened his mouth. Loose semi-translucent skin hung from his arms, from wrist to armpit. They matched the membranes that had grown between the grossly elongated fingers.[1]

Post-regeneration human form[]

She retains some hints of her previous form, such as "bat-like [ears] jutting outward slightly from the sides of her head, then they swept backwards" and "inch-and-a-half canines and bicuspids".

Her other traits are:

milky white skin, with the subtlest hint of pink, especially in the cheeks. The vibrantly red lips, and those eyes… they were a crimson red, with pupils that were oblong instead of round, vaguely in the shape of footballs
five foot ten, your hips are thirty-eight inches... waist is twenty four… bust is thirty-six
black and white hair

Post-regeneration bat-person form[]

Resembles the post-mutation form, but female and shorter, "perhaps a half foot shorter than it had been prior", meaning about six feet tall.

Strong pectoral muscles rippled underneath modest breasts. Wide hips were accentuated by a narrower waist. [...] thick fur covering the pelvic area.


All forms have very high sunlight sensitive skin.

Post-mutation form is indicated in Gladys Wilkins's analysis to have some kind of regeneration:

Your own healing factor undoubtedly was able to take care of the [regen] cancer.

His physical powers of strength might be just be due to his muscles, but that's an editor's assumption.[1]

Post-regeneration, Sanguine has acquired some shifting abilty, to transform from their human form with a few extra facial features, into a more bat-person form and back again. Whether she has acquired all of Everywoman's power to transform into any female form, is unknown.



  • Val

Post mutation:

  • Hell-bat
  • Man-Bat


  • Unnamed mother
  • Unknown father
  • Everywoman (Now biological sister)