Image of Scald-Crow made in Second Life by RoseBunny. Received via Discord.

2D Scald-Crow

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Scald-Crow, a.k.a Gráinne Róisín Ní Ceallacháin, née Padraig O'Callaghan, is an Avatar hosting a spirit that took the name of "The Morrigan", but is usually referred to as "Morgan" by Gráinne.[1]

Gráinne is a Whateley Academy student of unknown Class and Cottage[1], born in Bellingham, but grew up on Lummi Island, in Washington State.[2]

Born on October 21, 1992, she had her 15th birthday on October 21, 2007.[1]


General DescriptionEdit

She always had green eyes, and a "pixie nose".[1]

As Gráinne, she has "long bright red hair".[1]

"Your face otherwise is normal looking if a bit androgynous." - Sloan, her sister.[1]

Grainne's accent is western Galwegian.[2]

Padraig, however, had long "dark brown hair".[1]


  • Avatar[1]
  • Strength enough to "able to throw a [footballer] fifteen feet".[1]
  • Allergy to synthetics.[1]
  • Rapid healing.[1]


  • Well-read. Interview with a Vampire, Animorphs, Lord of the Rings, among others.[1]


On October 21, 1992, she had her birthday.[1]



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