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The Seattle Knights are a superhero team in Seattle, Washington, USA.


Since they've never appeared in a story as themselves, we only have an incomplete membership list.


an official, sanctioned Super Hero HQ in a tech happy place like Seattle did not fail to disappoint. My personal favorite was the three dimensional HUD holographic rotating map display in the central meeting room. With picture in picture no less. Computer screen displays everywhere, robotic assistants and maintenance staff,[3]

Relationship to the Seattle Squires[]

Seattle Squires. We're affiliated with the Seattle Knights; it's sort of an internship Super Hero Group."[3]
a way to allow college aged mutants who want to learn how to be a Super a chance to get some street time in under the supervision of an established super group.[3]


Sam Everheart gets help from friends he knows in the Knights.[1]

The Knights are mentioned in passing a few times.[4][5][6]