Selkie (Heather O’Malley)is in the Whateley Academy , living in Poe Cottage. She is a water based Energizer[1] who hangs with the Lit Chix. She appears to be one of the minor Fey (Joanne Gunnarson's impression on first meeting was that 'Something about her screamed “unnatural.”'[2], Kayda thinks of her as one of the Sidhe. However, Kayda had been on-campus only a day or two.[3] ). Regardless of her own status, Selkie is very respectful of Fey, to the extent of not telling other people what she knows or suspects. Unlike most of the Lit Chix, Selkie resides in Poe.[2] She's a freshman.[4]


Selkie is one of the Lit Chix while they're investigating Don Sebastiano's plot to get Chaka expelled.[5]

Selkie is on the pickup team Rev. Englund uses to evaluate Chou Lee.[1]

Selkie is one of the Lit Chix when they assult the Spy Kids under the impression that they're the Masterminds.[6]

The rest of the Lit Chix fill Selkie in on what happened in Aquerna's combat final.[7]

Selkie has other minor appearances with the Lit Chix.[8]

Heather is unhappy with the plan to pilfer Edgar; he is her cottage mascot, you know! She's much happier when Loophole reveals her true plan: ask to examine Edgar.[9]


Selkie gets introduced to Murphy during their first look at their new clubhouse.[2]



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