Tatiana Hughes, codename Setup, is a villain specializing in framing people for crimes. She's a mimic, able to impersonate another person's fingerprints or other biometrics, though it's not clear if she can thoroughly change her appearance; she's also a Regen-5 and exemplar-2, and is a contact-only Telepath. A friend, Cyberbeast, is often the contact through which she is offered jobs.

She has a conscience about her work; she will not frame for murder, child porn, or human trafficking. She was once tricked into a frameup for murder; she took her revenge out on the person who set up the job. She's also done some freelance work for the CIA, MI6, Mossad, and other spy agencies, and has called in favors in the past to help establish a new identity when needed.

She learned martial arts from Lillian Dennon when she was running a private self-defense school, before she started teaching at Whateley.

She's thirty-six as of June 2007, so probably from the Whateley class of 1989, plus or minus a year.[1]

Her daughter, Martina, is going to Whateley in fall 2007.

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