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Lillian Deschamps, code name Shadowdancer, is a student at Whateley. She is also called Lily and Shady.[1]

Lillian loves gossip and extensively uses her powers for snooping,[2] but she never shares real information unless it is advantageous to her. She is a Sluagh or darkling, a type of sidhe, and in reverence of Fey to the degree of taking risks just to protect Fey's roommate Chaka.[1]

Foxfire made a contract that she would not investigate Lillian's interest in Fey so long as Lillian didn't look into her little gold filigree music box, intending for the contract to be broken due to Lillian's inherent Slaugh curiosity, and notified of such by a alarm spell when Lillian opens it.[1]


Shadowdancer has shadow powers apparently allowing her to teleport between shadows and hide in them far better than normally possible.[1]