Shortcut (Rich Morgan) is the son of Ribbon. He is a warper that teleports by creating portals that must be moved through.

General descriptionEdit

Shortcut is short and skinny.


Shortcut creates teleportation portals that must be moved through to be used. He has teleported at least once to Paris, France with his sister. It is unknown how many people or how much material can go through the portal.

He was recently hired by Trin and Macintyre as a courier and made a delivery to a Goodkind on Aug 18, 2007. It's unknown if this was Ayla, Gracie, or just a coincidence.


He has a college degree in Computer Science, having graduated a little while before July 4, 2007.[1]


He has all the weaknesses of a normal human being.


Ribbon 2: All Knotted Up



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