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The Sidhe are the Whateleyverse's version of Elves: ancient denizens of lost Atlantis, frequently magical, and those few that survived the Sundering are not particularly well disposed to the humans who have taken over their world.

Never very numerous, the Sidhe ranks have been augmented recently by apparently ordinary humans mutating into Sidhe, although in these cases incarnation of a Sidhe soul has also been involved. The result is still a member of a genetically separate species that can only produce a human child by extraordinary (magical) means.[1] Fey is supposed to be the thousandth such instance since about 1695.[2]

Besides Fey, there is a group of another four Sidhe at Whateley.[3]

The term Sidhe is sometimes used interchangeably with Faerie and Fey(in the sense of otherworldly or supernatural persons), and might be the forerunners of the latter. Thus, while Selkie or Shadowdancer may be Fey, whether they are considered kin to the ancient Sidhe is unclear. The use of the modern word Irish word "sídhe" in the context of discussing the subject race in addition to entities such as the Sluagh Sídhe of Irish folklore only means the same word was used, not that the two groups are the same.

Also, the Bastard is supposed to be partly Sidhe and was born one.[4]

There is said to be a surviving coven of ancient Fey, quite possibly Sidhe, under the Himalayas and constitutes the only reliable source of the mystical metal Orichalcum.[5]

Sidhe are not humans nor human mutants. Technically, they shouldn't be evaluated with mutant power rankings.[6]

Sidhe Nobility[]

  • The Nine Queens:
    • Aunghadhail (Ninth)
    • Mabd (Eighth)
    • Aegloswen (Seventh)[7]
    • Presumably a sister of Aunghadhail, that "defended the forests" with her in times past.[8]
    • Possibly Ninimeth[7]
    • Three sisters that Aegloswen knew of.[7]

Court Sidhe World Magick[]

All court Sidhe are protected by remainders of world magick that survived from the pre-Sundering: one of these destroys discarded blood, hair, and tissue ... to prevent enemies from easily acquiring and using these things in magick against the Sidhe. Another is a Glamour that covers the young royals that makes people give them attention and want to protect them. One way it accomplishes this is by making the young Sidhe beautiful to those around them... but it also nourishes companion and protector bonds.[9]

Sidhe Magic Trivia[]

For the Sidhe, manipulation of body for seemings is relatively easy. Even easier than it is for Shifters, because human body is more 'static' biologically than that of the Sidhe. Sidhe can change appearance even just as a result of the type of Essence they manipulate. Of course, if they do it unintentionally, they're obviously unskilled. Real Sidhe mages would never show such a lack of discipline/control. ;)[10]
only because nikki knows sidhe Court magic

that's just a matter of knowledge, not capability[11]

other [non-Royal] sidhe [can be taught Royal magic], yes
ya, but sidhe have lifetimes plenty long enough to learn it 🙂

Aung didn't master Sidhe magic in just a couple years.

Sidhe and the environment[]

technically ANY Sidhe (mage or not) is a danger to the environment[12]
and vice versa
should Essence levels drop far enough... they die
too many of them exist... they deplete the 'free' essence. they die

every sidhe in the world means that much less 'free' essence available for all mages to draw same is true for high ranking wiz mages, really, though to a lesser degree (and THEY aren't vulnerable to its less... at least, until they get old enough that they use it to sustain their lives)