Silver (Sakti Chandrasekhar) is from India, and speaks Bengali and English. She is Buddhist.

She sweats a substance that she calls "Maiden's Silver", but is actually mithril, also called moonsilver. It's a substance of vast magical and alchemical importance that's very difficult to make and commands high prices. The high prices, in turn, mean that everyone is out to control this new source of the metal, regardless of what she wants; the Golden Lions had to rescue her in India. According to Mrs. Chulkris this makes her a Mage, with a specialty in Alchemy, which is just what she wanted to hear, NOT![1] After all, she's signed up for Workshop classes.

Silver intends on joining the Golden Lions after graduation, and is miffed that she hasn't been invited to join the Cape Squad.[2]

Chaka meets Silver playing Tennis.

“You get a lot of requests for ‘cast-offs’?”
“Some, but most of the girls in Whitman get a little weirded out when they hear that it’s my skin.”[1]

Silver accidentally coats Toni's friendship ring with mithril, making it too small for Toni, but just right for Jade who puts it to good use.[3]

The Necromancer attempts to capture her.[2]

Hakim Al-Feyez brings her together with Eldritch and Seraphim. He expected all sorts of mystic resonances; disappointment was his lot.[4]


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