Sylvia Lytton, code name Silver Rose, is a manifestor with a knack for silver vines.

In any other school, the dark skinned, silver-haired girl lounging in the hallway would have been THE school beauty, surrounded by a hoard of eager young admirers. But at Whateley, she was just another Exemplar chick; after a while, you got used to them.[1]


Silver Rose gets embroiled in a plot to harass Beltane for having grabbed a special class project that her boyfriend, Farrago, thought he was entitled to. The denouement gets their little foursome labeled the "Wild Watusi."[1]

Silver Rose wraps up a couple of Pawns during the Halloween mess.[2]

Silver Rose is mentioned as being one of the Alphas when Kodiak is doing some planning.[3]

Silver Rose is with Farrago when he meets with Overclock and Make.[4][5][6]



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