Whateley s Cavalier n Skybolt by Drunkfu

Skybolt with her boyfriend Cavalier. Art by DrunkFu

Elaine Schroepfer[1], codename Skybolt, is a Whateley student with powers ratings of EX-4/EN-3(lightning, flight).

She comes from the Alsace-Lorraine region, which makes her technically French, although culturally she is more German.[2]


With her boyfriend Cavalier, she used to be in the Beret Mafia and was checking out the Cape Squad.[3]

Over Christmas 2005, they were enslaved by Hekate with a mind-slave spell.[4] For a year they were used and abused by the Alphas, until during winter break 2006, Hekate tried to both renew the spell on them and put it on Fey. This resulted in all three of them going free, as Jade destroyed the circle holding them, and Fey cursed Hekate.[4]

When Skybolt and Cavalier were freed, they first attacked Hekate until she escaped, then when they returned to Whateley they attacked the Don,[5] putting him in the hospital.[6] They were subsequently sent to ARC for treatment.[6]

After some special therapy[7], she was deemed well enough to return to Whateley. As of April 29, 2007 she's again residing at Melville Cottage.[8] She was further treated by Pejuta to remove the cursed piercings which Hekate had given her.[9]