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Skyhawk (no real name known) is one of the Boston area superheros. He's The Protector of the Weak, and is imbued with the Power of the Hawk. He seems to talk like a parody of a bad comic book superhero.[1][2] Forethought is not his strong point.[3]

Vamp has bumped into him a few times and he was the one who got her to help the Boston DA:

My first time up against him, I played the ‘Catwoman’ card on him, and… shave my head and call me Baldy… but it worked! Of course, the old Vamp–razzle helped, but, hey, you’ve obviously met ol’ Skypigeon; he’s got the old ‘knight on a white charger’ mentality, but BAD! I yanked his chain a few times,”[4]
“As I was saying, it was all fun and games for a few months, but then Darrow came along and dragooned me into his idiot ‘Children of the Night’. Skyhawk took me ‘going over to the dark side’ that way kinda personal, and made it his business to trip up the Nite–Kids whenever he could. Darrow took THAT pretty much as you’d expect, and he started planting some booby traps for Sky that probably would have taken out that booby – and a couple of city blocks as well. I managed to rescue Skyhawk from certain death a few times, and finally got the big dolt to listen to me. He managed to get that bitch at the Boston DA’s office, Collier, to give me a shot. But she insisted that I use my position inside the Children of the Night to give her a bigger bust than me to bring in: namely, Darrow, and as many of his flunkies as we could manage.[4]