His real name is Dean[1] Lundy. He doesn't like most people calling him that, though, preferring to go by Slab. He's 16 in Fall 2006.


MID as of 2006-12-13:[2]

Mutant Identification Card
Code name SLAB
Ratings Exemplar-6, PK/Energizer-2 (absorbs molecular motion)
Techniques Wrestling/grappling, Boulder pitch, Earth fissure, Sonic clap, Near invulnerability
Weak vs Psychic ?, Magic ?
Backup / Team Affiliation None


Slab is one of the few Thornies to gain control of his powers enough that he could leave the cottage if he wanted to. Doesn't want to, though, feeling a sort of protective, 'big brother' attitude towards the rest of them.


Commonly described as a "Captain Gantu expy", Slab is very large, with smooth, dark grey to black skin, almost like an anthropomorphic orca. He is 6'8", 360lb., brown eyed, bald, with a squat powerful build.


Slab is a very high level Exemplar and particular form of Energizer. He absorbs kinetic energy from around him, and uses it to increase his strength and speed. Since he absorbs kinetic energy most of physical attacks will have little effect on him, beside making him stronger, and since his power affects the matter down to subatomic level most of energy attacks aren't effective against him (Heat? Movement of atoms/molecules. Electricity? Movement of electrons from a point to another. Sonics? Vibration. Laser? Just watch his combat final in Jade8), he can easily prove to be an incredibly dangerous opponent, and to be almost immune to most attacks.


Fall 2006Edit

Seed MaterialEdit

This is definitely no longer current, Slab's been re-envisioned.


Slab is a sleazeball. While Slab’s appearance is based on the ‘Citadel’ race in the old DC comic ‘The Omega Men’


Dean is paradoxically both arrogant and bitter. He regards himself as truly superior to almost everyone else, and his misshapen form is the true aspect of superiority, not the antiquated Olympian ideal. At the same time, he resents not being beautiful, as many other exemplars are. Also he resents the fact that he is inevitably cast as the ‘brick’, a role that relies more on his prodigious strength than on his remarkable intellect. He feels compelled to prove, if only to himself, that he is smart enough to be dangerous strictly on the terms of his intellect.


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