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Dale Carson,[1] code name Slapdash, is a member of the Grunts[2] and also the Parkour Hooligans.[3] He's a devisor[4] and electrical energizer[2] who uses power armor in combat,[2] and also rated as an Exemplar 3.[3] He has Diedrick's Syndrome.[4] He lives in Melville Cottage[5] He is a member of the Class of 2009.[6] His guidance counselor is Langley Paulson.[7] Carmilla strongly implied that he is in love with Bunker.[2]

Well, it was pretty tough to make him look at all nerdy, given that he looked like a hero in a Hollywood action movie. He was a little over six feet tall, with a decent set of muscles on a medium build. He was handsome enough to have a lot of deviser girls swooning over him. He had Scandinavian features under red hair in a well-trimmed crewcut. And his hair wasn't chestnut red or ginger red, it was blood red, so it looked almost like he'd dyed it that color.[1]


He appears with the Grunts most of the time they're together.

He has a table at the 35th Annual Whateley Weapons Fair held in Fall 2006, where he sells Phase a touch taser glove.[1]

He reactivates the Parkour Hooligans with Caitlin[8]