Songbird by E.E. Nalley

Songbird (Maria Contessa Elyssa Gomez y Ricardo) was a student at Whateley Academy, a member of the Class of 2006. She was an Alpha, and one of Freya's main henchmen.[1]

She's a powerful Siren, able to not only control other people with her voice but also to make them block specific memories.[2]

As of March 2007, she's studying at NYU and working at the All Hands of Mercy Rape Crisis Center.[3]

Maria has had a pretty rough life. She was abused by her stepfather from a young age, and she is certain her mother knew of it. This, along with an attraction brought on by Freya's "Brisengamen Effect" made her the perfect target to be manipulated.

She was abandoned by her mother at the end of her senior year when she returned from school to find the house sold, her accounts cleaned out and no way to reach her family. The school proceeded to help her track her stolen trust fund. [4]

As of April 29, 2007, things are looking up again for her. Not only has she reconciled with a couple estranged[4] friends[5], but also graduated early from NYU with a Drama degree, recovered her money (courtesy of Amelia Hartford's hard work), and accepted a teaching position in Whateley. She is going to have dual attributions: filling Jennifer Stevens' vacancy in Drama class and coaching Sirens.[6]


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