Geneviève "Jenny" Etincelle,[1] codename Spark, is a French-born Gadgeteer and Devisor. She's apparently from Nice[2]


Spark's last name, Etincelle, means "Spark", as a reference to her codename and technological powers.[3]


Like many devisors, Geneviève was working in several projects simultaneously. The most significant ones were an "Exemplar State Inducer" (as part of a larger project headed by Knick-Knack) and an artificial fullerene material that was intended to resonate with a mutant's PK field in order to emulate the effects of fictional exodermal symbionts, such as Marvel's Venom. After being attacked by an enemy and subjected to the effects of the XSI while covered by the fullerene material, she found that both experiments worked: she now has not only the strength and beauty of an Exemplar, but also a functional pseudo-symbiont attuned to her body.[1]

Jenny is a big Girl Genius fan. She chose her codename as a homage to the strip, where "mad scientists" are nicknamed "sparks."


Before the XSI incident, Jenny had been described as cute and petite, with dark blonde hair. Reach thought she looked like a younger version of Agatha Heterodyne, the protagonist of "Girl Genius." After the incident, she became a real beauty, with a lovely delicate face, tiny nose, pointed chin, graceful cheekbones, a rosebud mouth and huge green eyes and a very attractive body. From her new appearance, it's suspected that the BIT that was imprinted on her was copied from Heartbreaker -- she now looks enough like Heartbreaker that they could be taken for sisters.


Jenny is at heart a Devisor and Gadgeteer of undisclosed level. After her experience with the XSI, she was induced with an Exemplar-5 trait, and became able to mentally control her artificial fullerene pseudosymbiont. The fullerene material is a bonafide gadget, not a devise; which means it's patentable and reproducible.[1]



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