Special Topics: Workshop or Special Topics for Workshop is a category of class offered at Whateley Academy.[1]

Winter 2007Edit

Abnormal Brain Chemistry and MutantsEdit

Students in this course study Diedrick's Syndrome, Rager Syndromes, Quinzel-Osborne Syndrome and other similar conditions.[1]
Tu Th Lab Sa

Basic Nanotechnology for Devisers, Techs and ProgrammersEdit

Bugs thinks its too basic to be interesting.
M W F Lab Sa

Introduction To Fabrication TechniquesEdit

When Good Devises Go Bad. Proven Methods for Stopping Runaway InventionsEdit

It has a bunch of prerequisites, so its not an entry-level course.
Tu Th
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM


There are a bunch of other classes that I suspect of being in this category, but the terms "Special" "Topics" and "Workshop" were not used in conjunction with them; mind, it was a different bunch of kids talking, so they might not have been reciting the entire titles like Ayla, Bunny and co. were doing.


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