Speed Queen (real name unknown) is a speedster, and is one of the Boston area superheros.

Top recorded speed: 230 MPH for about two minutes. Cruising speed: 90 mph. Able to go from a dead stop to 60 MPH in ten seconds flat, but had problems with inertia. Had been taped going through a brick wall without too much trouble. Theorized that her rather clunky looking boots either protected her feet from the thousands of impacts per second of her running, or in some other way assisted in her movement.[1]

Her costume is a blue-and-white bodysuit with padded forearm guards and boots, and a speed-trimmed helmet with goggles.


She's mentioned in passing in the first Boston Brawl.[2]

She takes part in the second Boston Brawl. And is reminded of when she was at Whateley.[1]

Ayla mentions her to the Cape Squad while reporting on the second Boston Brawl.[3]

She walks right into the Necromancer's trap in the Birthday Brawl.[4]


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