Speedster is a "soft" power classification; that is, it describes the effect of a (mutant) power and not its source, which is what decides the official power classification. The term "speedster" in the Whateley Universe refers specifically to mutants and other paranormals with an incredibly high ground speed; fast fliers, such as Tennyo, are not considered speedsters.

Most speedsters are internal energizers with a secondary nervous system that distributes energy to the muscles for improved speed and endurance. The secondary nervous system may also improve reflex and response speeds[1].

Other speedsters are exemplars or psychokinetic. Some warpers such as Ebon Flow[2] are able to accelerate time locally and therefore appear to move as fast or even much faster than typical speedsters when observed from outside the range of the effect, but they don't seem to be usually considered speedsters.

Typical speedster "cruising speed" falls between 80 and 120 mph[3]. The fastest speedster on record is Speed Queen, who is capable of sprinting at 230 mph[3]. This, however, is a sprint speed, and like normal runners she cannot maintain a sprint for very long[4].

Known SpeedstersEdit


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