The Springfield Slasher is an unknown villain who killed ten victims in Springfield, Il, during 2003 and 2004.

Christ! I knew about that bastard. The Springfield Slasher killed and hacked up four women in the summer of 2003, then six more in the summer of 2004, and then vanished without a trace. And I knew about the Springfield Slasher because his seventh victim was Helena Goodkind-Prescott, one of my cousins.
Sgt. Buxton said: “The police didn’t get anywhere with the Springfield Slasher crimes because they didn’t know what the hell to do with the evidence they found. I have some contacts who aren’t exactly.. kosher. And they said the cops - and the FBI and the private investigators the Goodkinds forced on the cops - were all stymied because the crime scenes weren’t ordinary crime scenes. They were actually pretty nasty magical rites. Some kind of theurgy or necromancy - you know what that means?” The kid nodded calmly. “And my contacts tell me that all the killings occurred within 21 days of the summer solstice, in a ritual pattern, so the killer probably got the boon he was after and left town. They figure he wasn’t local anyway, he was just using Springfield like a big G-Mart for dark mages. You drive over there, get the fancy stuff you wanted at a big discount, then you’re gone again. So, whoever he was, he had a lot of training in really nasty magical rites, he wasn’t from Springfield but he was from somewhere that was easy access from Springfield, and he won’t be back. My contacts are waiting to see if the same ritual patterns pop up in some other city sometime soon.”[1]


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