Spy Kids/Spy Kidz: These kids watch too much 007, and go around 'investigating' and 'penetrating' (snooping around and breaking into places that they shouldn't). Officially they're the Intelligence Cadet Corps, but they're more derisively called 'The Secret Squirrels'. They are constantly chasing after their "evil" counterpart, the Masterminds. However, they may have overstepped their boundaries, and by Spring Break, 2007 they have been seriously warned by the school admin to dial back their operations.[1]

Their faculty advisor, as of the first half of 2007, is Sir Wallace Westmont.[1]


Class of 2006Edit


  • Ace Sees himself as a hero-in-training. Absorbs skills from objects.
  • A-Plus Excels at everything! Crush on Ace, hates Hazard and Sahar
  • Holdout The guy who saves them in the lurch. Shrinks/grows things (mostly inanimate stuff)
  • Kew Genius gadgeteer, makes gizmos like in the SpyKids movies

Class of 2009Edit

  • Interface Lovable troublemaker, interfaces with minds and machines

Class of 2010Edit

Former memberEdit