Stopwatch is the codename of Niles Ridgely. He's one of many British students at Whateley Academy.


MID as of 2006-12:[1]
Ratings: Exemplar-4(limited) / Esper-3:g / Warper-2
Techniques: Assorted gadgets and holdouts
Weak vs.: Normal human vulnerabilities
The Bomb Squad


He is the leader of the Masterminds, he's described as a control freak and resents Phase for outsmarting him and making a fool of him in front of the rest of the Masterminds[2], to the point that he prepares a set of gear specificaly for hurting her (badly) in the eventuality that they were to face each other in the Combat Finals.[1]

Original seed information is that he is has a crush on Hazard. see Masterminds article


Stopwatch has the warper power to dilate or compress time locally. He could make his own personal time run faster or slower than the world around him, and he could even hit nearby people with the same effect.[2] As an exemplar, albeit one limited to the mental package, he has the ability to remember and keep track of hundreds of details at the same time, making him a great planner but not necessarily a very good strategist.[1] Stopwatch is also a gadgeteer.[1]


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