Sunscreen (no real name known) is an Energizer, Exemplar and member of the West Coast League.

Now that woman looked like a mutant. She was way too gorgeous to be a baseline. She was about six feet tall, and wearing a bodysuit that was mostly gold-colored, but with well-designed highlights. She floated above the floor, so the two-inch heels on her boots probably didn’t affect her motion much. She was slender and shapely, with the kind of tan that would mark her as a Southern California girl if she were normal. Her hair was blonde and sun-bleached. She had a beautiful, ‘Nicole Kidman’ kind of face, and she just looked like she smiled a lot.[1]
"I have energizer powers. They get more powerful if I can absorb a lot of sunlight first. I can do sunbursts and fly, but my main ability is my sun-colored force fields. Hence my codename."[1]


Sunscreen does Ayla Goodkind's initial powers testing.[1]

The Powers testing wonks at Whateley are very amused by Sunscreen's inability to do reliable powers testing.[2]

Sunscreen's name comes up while Ayla is tracking down Tansy's connection to the extortion attempt.[3]

The West Coast League, including Sunscreen, help finish off the Headhunter.[4]

Several members of the West Coast League, including Sunscreen, visit Ayla afterwards and help her through the problems caused by getting down and dirty with a demon.[4]


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