Evangelos Geronyas, code name Talos[1], is a brick and a manifestor who can manifest a set of golden armor. He frequently appears as part of a group of four people, including his girlfriend Glissade, Farrago and his girlfriend Silver Rose. He's either a second tier Alpha, or an Alpha wannabe. According to some of the Beret Mafia, they'd abandoned the European group for the Alphas. He is a member of the Class of 2009.[2]


Talos and his buddies try to hassle Phase to get her to lay off of the Alphas.[2][3]

Talos and his buddies plot to get back at Belle for having snatched a plum school project out from under Farrago's nose. Talos is stated to live in Melville.[4]

Talos and his buddies get into the fight with the Chessmaster's Rooks during the Syndicate invasion of Whateley.[5]

Talos is mentioned as a possible member of the Elite League team in Team Tactics.[6]

Talos is out-maneuvered before he can ask Phase for an invitation to Phase's birthday party.[7]



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