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Tea and Synergy is a story by Bek D. Corbin, and was released on 2005-02-08. It occurs on Sept. 30, 2006 and the second Saturday following.[1]


Suzana Hagarty is invited to meet Whateley’s other martial arts instructors. They discuss the problems of teaching Team Kimba. In particular, this is the first mention and the most complete explanation of the possibility that Chaka is or will be the Soke no Do.


  • Suzana Hagarty
  • Amanda Tolman
  • Wong Ah Lam, Advanced Instructor in Wing Chung style kung fu
  • Chester Fitzgibbon, formerly of the SAS, instructor in Shao-Lin Dragon-style kung fu
  • Gunnery Sergeant Oscar Bardue, USMC (ret.), Firearms instructor and co-coordinator of the Group Crisis Situation Simulation sessions
  • Kasai Tetsuko, Kempo instructor, she also teaches stealth techniques, Kyudo [Translation: Japanese Archery, literally, ‘the Way of the Bow’] and helps the Gunny with the Group Crisis Situation Simulation drills
  • Genevive Beaumont, Karate and Kendo instructor
  • Harry Junzo, Advanced Aikido, he also instructs the telepaths and empaths
  • Lillian Dennon, teaches Judo, and instructs the Bricks and Ultra-Dense types
  • Tatsuo Ito
  • Team Kimba
  • Hiro Kyoji (Japanese Mutation Scientist that was alive in 1986 at least and did research on Ki mutants.)


  1. The story was moved because of date conflicts