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Team Tactics I is a class taught in winter term. It is taken as a team and participation requires passing grades in the Combat Finals. Team Tactics I is the normal prerequisite for Applied Powered Combat. The class is held in Arena 99 meeting in one of the briefing rooms and making use of both the physical arena and the simulators.

In winter term 2007 the class meets in Briefing Room 4 because of the greater participation rather than in Briefing Room 2 as originally intended.[1]

Pre 2007[]

Winter 2007[]

M Tu W Th F
First through Second Periods
Instructors: Oscar Bardue, Samantha Everheart

Elite League[]

Omega Squad[]

Outcast Corner[]

Power Cats[]

STAR League Jr[]

Team Kimba[]

Note: Team Kimba got an "A" in this course.[4]


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