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Malachai Diabolik by Elaborate

Malachi Diabolik (real surname is Daibliku, but he uses his father's alias more), code name Techno-Devil, is Dr. Diabolik's son, and seems intent on following his father into the evil overlord, or at least villain, business. He's a devisor, and is usually followed around by a robot of some kind. He's pretty good buds with Nephandus; the two of them are frequently seen together. His first name is sometimes rendered as Malachai.


Malachi is the youngest child of the notorious supervillain Dr. Diabolik. As a child, his sister Jadis and he were enrolled (under the surname "Daibliku") in the same upscale New York schools as Trevor Goodkind, one of the heirs to the Goodkind empire. Malachi and Trevor were classmates, and he introduced Trevor to his older sister, who shared Trevor's interest for literature. However, this wouldn't last: eventually the Daiblikus' secret came out, and both Jadis and Mal had to be pulled out of school amidst protests and the indignation of their schoolmates' parents. They were home-schooled afterwards, but even that didn't end their troubles: a politically ambitious assistant D.A. named Jason Timbrook tried to put them in foster care (Dr. Diabolik wasn't amused, as Timbrook found to his chagrin), and a rival supervillain called the Iron Warlord kidnapped them once. Fortunately, they were saved by the Amazing Three.


He has an implant for a brain jack, and an artificial eye with augmented vision, both gifts from his father.



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