? Kravitz, code name Tee-Kay, is a bully with telekinetic abilities. He runs with two other kids, Truck and Nitro, who call themselves TNT. He's the leader and occasionally manages to actually think. He's also virulently anti-gay.


He's at the Halloween dance during the Syndicate attack.[1]

He and his buddies attack Reach twice, once on their own, once by the connivance of the evil mastermind, and then Nephandus tries to get them to do it a third time. He's moved from Twain to Emerson after the second incident. And the third time? Hey, he's not that stupid, OK?[2]

When he gets moved to Emerson, they put him in with Reach's old roommate, Overload; a certain respect for Reach ensues, for having put up with Glitch for that long.[2]

He, his buddies and a couple of other Ultra-Violents attack Saladin after he comes out as gay.[3]



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