Michelle Jarrowitz, codename Tek Witch (often shortened to "Twitch") is a student at Whateley Academy. She is only twelve years old as of 2016, which puts her in the Junior High Program. Her abilities are in the technological front rather than in the magic, despite her codename -- she appears to be a Gadgeteer.[1]

Her Daddy is Tek Knight, which qualifes her for the Bad Seeds. He got her a miniature missile launcher for her bat mitzvah, suggesting that one or both are Jewish.[2]

She is also a member of Wondercute.[3]

She shares a room in Dickinson Cottage with Acolyte.[3]

Tools and inventionsEdit

Twitch has a purple witch hat full of technological gadgetry.

She has also created a crystal ball-like device that allows seeing into invisible spectra.[3]



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