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Maggie Finson wrote much of this as part of Questions and Answers: Power Categories. However, since then other canon authors have criticized the power scale below and therefore this page is pending revision and should not be taken as canon.[1]

Telekinet (TK) or Psychokinet (PK)[]

Besides moving objects, telekinets (TK), and the closely related psychokinets (PK), can also do far more subtle things, such as setting things on fire, freezing them, or controlling electricity. TK levels are measured in both strength and control, as in TK-3c. Sometimes a range is added: TK-4b-50 is limited to 50 yards of controllable range. The tables below should allow you to generalize to non-listed types, like cryokinesis and other elemental variants, such as air or earth. It is also fairly common for the talent to be focused on, or limited to a particular type of physical object: super-powerful hair, whips or chains that obey your guidance, mechanical octopus arms grafted to your body: stuff like that. Basically, TK can have any number of effects, as long as there's something physical - no matter how small - that can be moved to get that effect.

The terms Psychokinesis and Telekinesis were often used interchangeably in early references, but the current authorial trend is to distinguish Psychokinesis as the manifestation of subconscious mental energy constructs.[1]

The distinction between PK and TK has two factors. TK operates at range, and is (more or less) consciously controllable. PK is oriented to the person's body, and is usually more "set": it works the way it works for a given individual.

These are not hard and fast distinctions. Wallflower and Shieldwall can create a shell around their body, and can also project that shell elsewhere, although how they do it is different.

One major subtype is the "PK Superman", who has a PK shell that surrounds their body. This is sometimes called the "superman" package. Not only can they use it to lift objects using holistic strength, the field also protects them from impacts and lets them hit harder. For example, a superman with a 1 ton field would punch as if his fist weighed 1 ton. PK fields sometimes have other applications. It is possible for some PK supermen to learn how to shape it and make it very sharp (like Lancer does with his swords). Others can alter its coefficient of friction (Thrasher can create PK boards that are frictionless on one side).[2] There are also those who can absorb energy attacks (even magical) and throw them back (like Lancer and Hollywood). Lancer of Team Kimba is a typical higher level PK superman.

Imp, for example, has a very versatile, but not very strong, PK shell. She can shift the power to different parts to make very effective shields, and she can form it into cutting claws or blades. It also forms part of her "chameleon" field.

Strength — Telekinesis: (note that metric conversions are based on the assumption that the rating measures the mass that the subject can manipulate, and that 1 ton = 2000lbs of mass)

Level 0 lift/move < 1 lb (0.5Kg)
Level 1 lift 1 - 50 lbs (0.5 - 22.7Kg)
Level 2 lift 50 - 200 lbs (22.7 - 90.7Kg)
Level 3 lift 200lbs - 1 ton (90.7 - 907.1Kg)
Level 4 lift 1 ton to 5 tons (907.1 - 4,535.9Kg)
Level 5 lift 5 tons to 20 tons (4,535.9 - 18,143.7Kg)
Level 6 lift 20 -100 tons (18,143.7 - 90,718.5Kg)

NOTE - The above is from Maggie Finson's post. Recently, Diane said[3] said that Power Pork was the most powerful TK, which means that he is, by definition, a 7. Since he can only lift 20 tons, that means that the upper limit of 7 is 20 and the scale is out of date.

NOTE 2 - I see that there's a level 0, but elsewhere there is a statement that Level 0 is a highly specific special case that applies only to mages.

Power — Electrokinesis:

Level 0 sparks
Level 1 small arcs
Level 2 painful arcs
Level 3 lethal arcs
Level 4 power line strength
Level 5 megawatts of power
Level 6 power the eastern seaboard

Power — Pyrokinesis:

Level 0 embers
Level 1 big cigarette lighter
Level 2 Bunsen burner on high
Level 3 flamethrower
Level 4 volcanic heat
Level 5 surface of the sun
Level 6 nuclear blasts

Dexterity — Telekinesis:

a boxing gloves
b wearing oven mitts
c human dex., clumsy
d fine embroidery
e microscopic control
f chemical control
g molecular control

Control — Electrokinesis:

a no directional control
b right quadrant, usually
c like shooting a gun
d trigger individual circuits
e control integrated circuits
f totally control electronics control
g electronics god

Control — Pyrokinesis:

a no directional control
b right quadrant, usually
c like shooting a gun
d melt parts of a machine
e flame-craft fine parts
f control some chem. reactions
g transmutation of matter


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