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The Boston Brawl is a story written by Branwen with collaboration by Bek D. Corbin, released on 2005-04-07. It runs from 2006-10-14 to 2006-10-15.


Due to an incident that isn't described, Team Kimba is allowed to go on a shopping trip to Boston to get new wardrobes. Fey and Tennyo practice their flirting skills on Hank. They go for lunch at a place with a very pretty waitress, who gets involved with Sara. At the same time, the Masterminds rob a nearby museum, and a group of super-powered thugs very publicly rob a bank. Team Kimba see the bank robbery on TV and go to help the police. Tennyo and Hank get covered in ice, while Chou and Chaka fight the thugs. Sara breaks the sound barrier to save Chou. Skyhawk shows up after most of the fight is over. However, Heartbreaker is found unconscious, as the Necromancer and his Children of the Night attacked the Masterminds, and she ran for help, despite being poisoned. The SWAT team, Skyhawk, and Team Kimba all go after the Necromancer, though the Arch-Fiend’s attack on their car takes Skyhawk, Phase, and Riptide out of the fight. Tennyo fights the Arch-Fiend, Fey fights the Necromancer, Chaka fights Lycanthros, Lancer and Shroud go after Lady Darke and Nightgaunt, and Bladedancer fights Vamp, though Carmilla takes over when Vamp starts winning. When the Children of the Night start losing, they head for the sewers, where Phase has been fighting an army of zombies. Carmilla gets ahead of the Necromancer, but after some conversation, Lycanthros comes in and tears her apart, which takes her nearly an hour to regenerate. The Necromancer gets away with the Key of Nimue, only the Arch-Fiend is captured, the Masterminds get back to Whateley, hurt but not in trouble, and Team Kimba gets detention again.