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The Devil's Dance is a story by Renae, released in two parts. It follows Jimmy T on Halloween, 2006, but stops on a cliffhanger at the beginning of the Syndicate attack on Whateley. The rest of the story is part of Insanity Prerequisite: Part 4 - Reincarnation.

Part One[]

The first part, released on 2007-05-10, introduces Jimmy T, and follows him through a day of classes, which for him includes taking notes on corset fatalities from a ghost during history class, comments on his history as a bully-buster that got him on the UltraViolent List, shifting into Yogi the bear, and eating as much as Tennyo. He shifts to Elizabeth Hurley as the Devil for the Halloween party, at which he is a judge for the costume contest, along with Dr. Ophelia Tenant and Fubar. Bluejay asks him to dance, and then advises the Don against using Jimmy T in his schemes. Hekate spikes G-Force’s drink with an experimental drug acquired from Blotter, and gets Tansy to push him into bullying Chimera, another Hawthorne shifter, within Jimmy’s hearing. Jimmy pushes in to protect her, but Circe stops the incident from turning into a fight.

Part Two[]

In the second part, released 2007-05-17, Chaka and Chimera convince Jimmy not to attack G-Force. As the party continues, Deathlist, the Syndicate forces, and the Goobers get ready to attack, while Rev. Englund and a Security team take on something that escaped from a Class X site. Bluejay and Fubar play matchmaker between Jimmy and Chimera. As the Syndicate forces start their attack, Jimmy realizes his friends in Hawthorne are in trouble and tries to get out of the gym to get to them.

The remainder of the story is in Insanity Prerequisite: Part 4 - Reincarnation.