The Palm (Dr. Able Palm[1]) is a malign artificial intelligence that's loose on the net. He was originally a mad scientist who used magic to computerize his mind (and maybe soul). He was supposedly eliminated by a team that included Amelia Hartford, but as of September 2006, he, or maybe they, still exist on the net.[1]

It has come to light that the Palm is experimenting with implanting circuitry into human bodies. The result is called a Human-AI-Transport, or HAIT.[2] so he can pass himself as human.[3] On April 1, 2007, one of these human AIs was captured.[4]

The Palm is one of Merry's major opponents.[5]

As Abel Palm, he killed the person formerly known as CORE, a former teacher at Whateley Academy, and "dumped what was left... in the school’s network".[6]

He also made Palm Jackers, a.k.a Palmjackers, the ultimate hardware hacking tool.[6]

The Palms might have been written with the aid of magic rites.[7]


While the first reference to Dr. Palm gives his first name as Abel, the vast majority of references have it as Able.


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