The Play's The Thing is the second Lily story by E. E. Nalley. It was published on 2008-05-09 and is set between 2006-11-17 and 2006-11-23. The preceding story is The Transfer Students and the following story is A Wellspring of Sorrows.


2006-11-17 FridayEdit

In Powers Lab, Lily stops the shells from five tanks while protecting her teammates. Mrs. Bohn is not pleased, and assigns a 4-page paper about wny that was a silly thing to do. At the end Hank asks Lily out.

French is boring.

In BMA, Lily manages to pass her midterm to see if she's up to the level of the rest of the class.

In third period Powers Theory, she has to get past Alex ‘Dash’ Morgan, who is trying to hit on her. She gets Dr. Quintain to "help" her with Mrs. Bohn's assignment.

On the way back to Poe cottage she's accosted by Pendragon, who wants her to try out for the Cape Squad. He invites her to the regular Capes meeting. Then Paul ‘Stalwart’ Cambridge clops up on his iron horse, Mistral. He wants help getting a date with Fey, so Lily agrees to tutor him on modern, as opposed to Elizabethan, English.

2006-11-18 SaturdayEdit

Lily, Hank, Fey and Stalwart go to Berlin on a double date. A couple of young idiots (Strongarm and Scythe) mix it up, and Lily (Wallflower), Hank and Jackie handle them while Fey and Stalwart handle collateral damage. Lily makes a quick pitch to Ms. Carson for an inter-dorm softball league. Jade comes in to talk about the hot tub party.

2006-11-19 SundayEdit

Lily joins the Cape Squad.

2006-11-20 MondayEdit

Tabby Cat (Lily's mother) breaks in on Lily and Hank. They invite Hank home for Thanksgiving, then Falcon gives a speech.

2006-11-21 TuesdayEdit

At the same time, Jade goes to the hot tub party with Lily. She manages to convince everyone she's a girl, and discovers she's got a birthmark on her butt: a triangle and a dot.

2006-11-22 WednesdayEdit

Opening night for Othello. Since Angel has had to leave for a while, Rosalyn suggests Lily take Hank to bed.

2006-11-23 ThursdayEdit

Lily wakes up, looking like ...


In order of appearance.

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