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The Three Little Witches is a story by Bek D. Corbin, released on 2008-08-03. It runs from 2006-10-16 to a few days later. It introduces the group called the Three Little Witches.


The Three Little Witches, Abra, Palantir, and Clover, try to steal essence from Foxfire, dragging the rest of the Lit Chix into it, and get caught, and get in trouble with Mrs. Grimes, who has them write out the Code of Mystic Ethics twenty times. They then try to steal essence from Ms. Grimes, and get chased out, though Clover gets her witch hat. They find a spell to take essence from spirits, and try attacking Shroud, which doesn’t work. Then they try asking She-Beast for advice on where to find a spirit, and she unfortunately tries to scare them away from a local cave with the ghost of Hellfire Sheba, which is exactly the wrong tactic to try on them, so they immediately try and release a vengeful ghost, and need to be saved by their teachers.