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There’s an Angel in Dickinson Cottage is Bek D. Corbin's second story focusing on Seraphim. The entire plot takes place on January 8, 2007, narrating Kerry's first experiences at Whateley and the forging of new friendships—and a few foes.

It was published in three parts:

Part 1[]

Part 1, published on August 23, 2009, begins with Kerry's saying goodbye to her family and settling at Dickinson Cottage. She meets her roommate, Flex, and is taken to Orientation, where she meets the other new students: Regina Lambert, Erzebet Novak, Buck Swift, Jolt, Froggy, Robert Rose (who calls himself "Thorn"), Murphy, Konrad Radu and Eddie Brysen. On the way, she also has her first unpleasant encounter with Solange.

We are graced with Don Sebastiano having a VERY bad morning, first at the hands of Rev. Englund and Oak, and later with Cavalier and Skybolt.

Part 2[]

In Part 2 (published on August 30, 2009), we follow on with Orientation. Sgt.Ryan Wilson takes the new students for a tour of the school, and Mr. Al-Feyez takes Kerry to meet Silver and Eldritch, who she's supposed to work with. After that, the noobs have some opportunity to socialize, and the beginnings of friendships—and enmities—form.

Meanwhile, several students become aware of Kerry's presence at the school and begin making plans to tap into her powers—among them, the New Olympians, Nephandus and the Three Little Witches.

Part 3[]

In Part 3 (published on September 6, 2009), The Goobers discuss what to do about Kerry. Thorn directs his romantic wiles toward an unexpected goal. Kerry meets Witchcat. Nephandus' first plans meet with little success (being very generous), but he then turns to manipulating the TLWs. Imperious also fails, but Counterpoint goes for the direct confrontation, managing to get hit by one of Kerry's "angels." They are only saved by the intervention of Circe and the Wild Pack. Counterpoint didn't get what he expected, though.

At night, the Three Little Pests manage to steal an "angel" from Kerry and escape, with half of Dickinson in hot pursuit, helped by Buck, Rose, Jolt and Ms. Grimes. They fall right into Nephandus' trap, who finally gets an angel with the unwitting help of She-Beast. Jadis, who had an unexpected interaction with Kerry's blasts, helps track Nephandus—just in time for them all to witness his plan blowing on his face.