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The Three Little Witches are a group of three Junior High students who hang together and get into trouble and take Basic Mystic Concepts 050 together.[1]

They seem to be fans of the Worst Witch series of books and television show, featuring Mildred Hubble. They're on an eternal quest to find some essence so they can do cool stuff.

"As part of the completion of spring intro to magick, they will get to light their wells"[2]



They appear in several other stories besides the one introducing them.[3][4][5][6][7]

On 2006-10-16 to a few days later, is the events of The Three Little Witches.[1]

On Halloween 2006, they try to sneak into the Halloween party, and accidentally contribute to Whateley Academy's defense against the Halloween invasion, helping Mrs. Carson fight off Deathlist.[8]

Palantir is 14 by Halloween.[8]

On 2007-01-11, Solange is tasked with babysitting the Three Little Witches, and the rest of the Junior High Program as well, for the rest of the semester as part of being Miss Grimes's Student Assistant, for at least the remainder of the school year, as punishment for beating up Peeper and Greasy.[9]

On 2007-01-15, they give "false fear" towards Solange, masking "[suppressed] rage", and take Ty West, on at least his painting, as a mentor, while talking about The Lord of The Rings, leading them to seek recompense from Murphy and Loophole for suffering under Solange due to their machinations to make Loophole the Alphas' Queen.[10]

On 2007-01-16, Solange was screaming at them, causing them to be "huddled together in terror" according to Stronghold, before he saved them.[11]

On 2007-01-16, they were waiting in the cold, outside Poe Cottage, for Loophole and Selkie.[11]

On 2007-01-17, it's implied they received "death threats" from Solange, when she was screaming at them the day before, as Mrs. Carson says to her, "I expect you to be able to manage two 8th graders and a 7th grader without resorting to death threats".[12]

On 2007-01-17, they're spying on the Lit Chix, in a "broom closet", "outside the Lit Chix Club House", in the "Tunnels below Whitman Cottage", planning to take the Essence used for the Lit Chix's seek spell.[12]

At some time before 2007-01-16, they got punished with "writing out the Code of Mystic Ethics thirty times".[11]

On 2007-01-24, they're possessed by The Secret, "A semi-persistent knot of magic that had formed a hallow in the jar [that Shelly Carson's friends] hid their memories in. That was the core ‘bit’ and, over the years, it fed on all that teen angst passing through [the Whitman-Dickinson tunnel] until it became kind of self aware.”[13]

On 2007-03-21, they make a deal with Pejuta to teach them how to make her special herbal tea that can amplify essence with the natural essence of the ingredients. Many predicted that would end badly.[14]

On 2007-03-27, they return to Kayda to copy down the tea instructions for a third time. They had to write down the instructions for the tea, twice. The first time, they lost it, and the second time, they dropped the sheet right after they left Kayda's table, getting it back from Kayda when they went to ask for the instructions for a third time.[15]

On 2007-05-01, they caught wind of "a generator that ran on essence." And the faculty catching wind of their search for it, sent a search party into the tunnels.[16]

On 2007-05-05, they go to Pejuta for more tea supplies.[17]

They knew Hijacker as "The big Meanie” who had once chased them with a bucket of water wanting to see who’d melt.[18]

Gen 2[]

From information given on 2016-09-14, they appear to all be alive, depending on how far Kurenai went in looking for information on them. It's confirmed that they and their antics are still mentioned in the Magic department's databases.[19]

Essence-Drain Targets[]