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A martial arts club that is composed entirely of African-descended students. Arch-Rivals to the Dragons (and you KNOW that they have Arch-Rivals!).

The Tigers were founded by N'Dizi during the 2005/2006 school year after some bad experiences he had as a member of the Dragons, intending for it to act as a focus for racial pride. In that, it largely succeeded, getting officially recognized by the school and obtaining their own practice room, on the far side of the gym from the Dragon's studio.[1]

It's possible that the racism he and other Afro-descended students allegedly faced at the time was fostered by Freya,[1] the then reigning queen of the Alphas, though, or exacerbated by other external influences.

They are trying to recruit Chaka, but N'Dizi insulted her grandmother,[2] so it probably won't happen. N'Dizi is unwilling to accept defeat in this endeavor, though, because in his view losing Chaka to the Dragons might undermine the whole reason for the Tigers' existence, and therefore he will use any underhanded way to try enticing Chaka into the fold.[1]


The notes appear to be original seed material

Class of 2007[]

Class of 2008[]

  • Mace[3] The vain troublemaker, with the ability to get the job done.
  • Mokele'[1]
  • N'Dizi[3] Leader. Ultra-stubborn (can't back down), afro-centric martial arts
  • Stunner[4] The stable & reasonable one, chafing under the current order

Class of 2009[]

  • Alakazam[5] Very Afro-centric, N'Dizi's woman. "Djinn" ports and becomes smoky
  • Damballah[1] The snake-boy from Jamaica
  • Sledge[6] The toughest fighter, he's beginning to find his own answers

Class of 2010[]

Former members[]