Alberta "Alexis" Waldner, code name Tisiphone (originally Fireball), is a brick (EX-3) and fire manifestor (MAN-3) with a severe case of GSD -- she looks like a gargoyle.

Originally, she was a rather typical Exemplar, a beautiful strawberry blonde girl (who dyed her hair red to better fit with her powers). Well, at least in the physical part. Mentally... she wasn't exactly smart, and was a bit mentally unstable (although she was taking medication for that).[1]

Then, she attempted to kill Phase in order to gain favor with the Alphas. It didn't go as she planned: Phase's "disruption-light" made short work of her.[1] Surprisingly, Phase's disruption power did much more than merely knocking her out. It interfered with Alexis' Body Image Template, turning her from a hot Exemplar into a demon-like figure. [2]

She originally resided in Melville Cottage, and after a brief stay in Hawthorne Cottage while adapting to her changes, now resides in Whitman Cottage.[3]

Alexis comes from a wealthy family, the Charleston Waldners. Their worth has been estimated (by Nitro) to be over one billion dollars. They don't have a problem with her changed appearance.[4]


MID as of 2006-12:[5]

Mutant Identification Card
Ratings Manifestor - 3 (fire)
Exemplar - 3
Martial arts - basic
Techniques Flight, Rocket jump, Flame whip, Flame cage, Fireball, Flamethrower
Weak vs Cold, Psychic, Magic
Backup / Team Affiliation Furies


The original attack and the resulting change.[1][2][6]

She's planning revenge upon Ayla for her change.[2][3][6]

She's seen at Faction 3 meetings with her cohorts, Megaera and Alecto.[7]

She faces Shroud in the Fall 2006 Combat Finals and loses.[5]

She mixes it up with Murphy.[8]

She overhears a conversation between Speakeasy and Quickdraw about a secret they had that could be used to hurt Phase, unaware that the 'secret' is actually a trap being set to test a lust serum on Nitro and Tee-Kay. She follows the two members of TNT to the hidden room where the secret information is supposed to be in, and falls into the trap with them. The result is that all three have a very... exciting evening, and Tisiphone decides that she likes the idea of Nitro as her boyfriend. [9]

She sets up a rather memorable triple date with TNT and the Furies.[10]

She is paired with Phase in the Spring Combat final.[11]

She gets mentioned. A lot.[12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23]



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