Titan, Robert (last name unknown) is somewhere between a villain and a mercenary.

At the ‘fifty yard line’ or so was hulking brute of a man in red and white tights who was cracking his knuckles in anticipation, beady eyes on the group of teenagers entering his lair. “Shit,” whispered Elaine as the heads up display called up the information on their new opponent. “It’s Titan.”
Titan resided in that gray area between super villain and force of nature. One of the highest ranked exemplars on record, this was crossed with a rather lucky form of Gross Structural Dystrophy. That changed the young man who would become Titan from a five foot three inch bully target to a ten foot three quarters of a ton caricature of a body builder, muscles on muscles in ways that are only possible in comic books. Of course, Titan didn’t really consider how fortunate his lot in life was in winning the GSD lottery. This was combined with a sadistic personality that led hand in glove with becoming a Class Three Rager. Still, filled with that American entrepreneurial spirit, Titan had gotten into the ‘Super Hero Distraction for Hire’ business and made a tidy sum having Rager fits that pulled local heroes away from a villain’s true target.[1]


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