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To the Mountain is the fourth Bladedancer story by Poetheather. In this story, Chou gets a mentor, who brings more teachings, some gifts and a task from the Tao which will bring her a lot of stress.

It was published in four parts:

Part 1[]

story Released on 2007-05-10. Covers 2006-11-20 through 2006-11-21.

Part 2[]

story Released on 2007-06-17. Covers 2006-11-22 through 2006-11-24.

Part 3[]

story Released on 2007-08-12. Covers 2006-11-25 through 2006-11-27.

Part 4[]

story Released on 2007-08-26. Covers 2006-11-28 through 2006-12-01.


Part 3[]