Tracer (Shawn Collins) is one of the New Olympians. He's the avatar (or something) of Hermes/Mercury, the god of travel. See the New Olympians writeup for considerations that apply to all of them.


Shawn is the Paladin of Mercury in almost every way. He’s every woman’s best friend to go shopping with. Shawn’s power is finding things, anything from the best deal on a pair of shoes to the sunken city of Atlantis (so he claims), and once he’s found it, being an exemplar three helps in keeping it. He’s a player and makes no effort to hide it, but he does love every woman he is with, always remembering their favorite things and, even after they break up, tends to get them gifts on their birthdays and other special days. Shawn isn’t a part of the council only because he’s having too much fun to follow “that pompous old has-been and his clique of relics.” Of all of the Olympians, Mercury and Venus are the closest to their old power levels due to absorbing the emotions from their various partners. Shawn is considering doing 'the whole good guy thing’ mainly because it seems like fun and will probably get him lots of girls.


He is 5' 11" tall, has an athletic build weighting 175 lbs, dark blond hair usually falling over his left eye, a round face and sky blue eyes.


Tracer is an Esper-3 and Exemplar-3.

During the incident at the end of "Ayla and the Great Shoulder Angel Conspiracy" he displays what may be teleportation or super speed.

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