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Brenda Armstrong[1] , code name Traduce, is the mistress of vicious gossip. She's also a minor esper with a couple of knacks. She can't keep servants because she doesn't know how to treat people. She's a member of the Golden Kids. She lives in the same cottage as Kamuro (Whitman).

Traduce was loudly giving them last-minute commands, so it was pretty obvious who was responsible for this month’s meeting. There was no mistaking her voice. She had a sort of ‘Leona Helmsley’ shriek. I wouldn’t have recognized her if I hadn’t heard her. She had her back to me, and she had changed her hair color and hairstyle again. This time it was a blond ‘Paris Hilton’ hairstyle, even if she didn’t have the Paris Hilton body. Traduce was a specialized Esper with two knacks – that I knew of, anyway. She had a clairvoyant gift with translating languages, and she had a Psi ability to coerce people into doing what she wanted. According to rumor, she had a little trouble not using that second knack whenever she didn’t get her way. Also, she was a terrible gossip, so I was going to have to make some time to talk with her. I wanted to have some good dish when I went to see Melissa tomorrow. [2]

According to Kamuro, Traduce got her codename from a quip made by an upperclass student during her freshman year; by the time she got the joke, it was too late to change it.[3]


Traduce manages to mess up the October Golden Kids meeting.[2] So well that she cost them their long-term caterers and wait staff.[4]

Traduce discovers that badmouthing Fey is not a good policy.[5]

She was a candidate for Alpha Female, 2007-01-20, making her a Senior. Upon leaving the room for the vote, the first act was to remove her as a candidate.[6]

Traduce is mentioned and makes minor appearances in a number of other stories.[7][3][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]