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Trixie (Abigail Preston)[1] is a Class of 2011 student at Whateley Academy, residing in Dickinson Cottage.[2]


Side Character[]


Stink Bombs[]

In "Tricks of the Trade" from Brief Glimpses 2, her name is given as Abigail Preston, although it is mentioned that virtually nobody knows her by that name. At the end of the segment, she declares that she is going to build the world's greatest stink bomb, which is apparently the stink bomb featured in Bad Karma.

Physical Description[]

Sitting directly across from Melissa was Trixie, a petite black girl, with her dark hair pulled back and braided into two pig tails.[3]


Trixie was a gadgeteer, but not a very powerful one. However, she specialized in making practical joke stuff.[3]

She makes the best stink bombs.[4]