Tweak (Linda Fowler)[1] is a Whateley student. She is a Gadgeteer, "sharing sharing some interest areas in [her] gadgeteering focus" with Little Bee.[2]

Tweak is a pretty, rather willowy girl, who is not above to using feminine wiles to further her aim of getting into the Masterminds. She had an affair with an unnamed senior in her first semester (Fall of 2005), and later with Farsight, another senior. She dated Rosethorn during the 2006 Fall term, but broke up with him shortly before the Christmas holidays.[3] As of May 2007, she is setting her sights on Cueball.[4]

She supplied one of the prototype Personal Force-field Generators that X-O incorporated into her manifested armor.[2]

On 2007-05-05, her routine snooping and attempt to decrypt the Security data feeds accidentally discovered a video of Loophole and Pejuta in a compromising situation.[4] Her leaking of the video ended up providing important clues to unravel the frame job of Kayda by Speakeasy.

She has two patents on electronic equipment in use by Security, which earned her a private lab as a perk. However, she left backdoors in that equipment that she exploits for her own ends. She also controls an advanced passive optical surveillance system originally installed by Farsight, which is practically impossible to detect.[1]

Her snooping around hit paydirt in 2007-05-14: she managed to obtain the list of the pairings for the Combat Finals of the term, which -- in a partnership with Booker -- yielded significant financial gains.

She is friendly with with the Underdogs, particularly Aquerna and Washout[1], and has been seen showering with the freshmen at Dickinson Cottage.[5]

Her father is a corrupt superhero who took bribes from criminals to support his gambling habit, and eventually burned through all the family's funds. Her choice of joining the Masterminds is in large part due to her disappointment on him.[4]


  • Dickinson Cottage
  • Unnamed Class of 2006 student (former boyfriend, Fall of 2005)
  • Farsight (former boyfriend, Spring of 2006)
  • Romeo LaClavar (former boyfriend, Fall of 2006)
  • Cueball (possible new boyfriend, late Spring of 2007)
  • Booker (partner in selling Combat Finals data)


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