Ultimate Disguise is the second of Kristin Darken's stories about Jack Rizeppi. It follows Revelations and precedes Like a Brick. It covers the time period from Tuesday, October 31 to Sunday, November 5 and was posted on July 26, 2009. Contrary to what's stated in the posted version of the story, it does not appear to have a part 2.


On Tuesday evening, Dee tries drugs or something on her date with Jack. Jack winds up with injuries. Afterwards, Jack reams her out for using drugs with a shifter who is modeling her fantasies.

On Thursday, Jack stays in and plays GEO.

On Friday at Kimmy's Kittens, Kimmy takes Jack under control and does some experimenting with Rock-E. Early the next morning (Saturday), Kimmy's experiment with Jack turns sour as his new form escapes and causes massive destruction throughout the Tampa area. The Mayor, at Kimmy's suggestion, calls in the Knights of Purity to find the super the media is calling Sexpot.

On Sunday, Jack stays stays in, eats a huge amount and participates in his GEO campaign.


To be completed

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