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UVs (for Ultra-Violents)
These are the guys who think of adrenaline the way that most people think of caffeine- they just can't get up in the morning until they've gone toe-to-toe with somebody. These are the kind of guys who write rapturous poetry about the exhilarating tang of pain.

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Not a clique in the standard definition, for they don't necessarily hang together, more a grouping by outlook. These folks are ultraviolents because they want to be ultraviolents, unlike those members of the UltraViolent List who are on it for reasons outside of their control.

For the ragers and sickos who loved to hurt people, or loved to fight there was a black armband with red letters.[1]

The black armband with red letters groups several types of fighters together, those who enjoy causing pain, and those who just enjoy fighting. Bullies may enjoy fighting for its own sake, but they definitely enjoy causing pain. To the extent possible we'll segregate them in the following lists.

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