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The UltraViolent List is the list of students at Whateley Academy that Security considers the most dangerous and likely to get into fights. This includes ragers, kids who have been in a lot of fights, those who have killed before, and others like that. They have to wear armbands with UV stamped on that show what kind they are, and sometimes a tracer so it is easier for Security to keep track of them.

Ultraviolents came in five flavors recognized by the administration, and by mutant experts worldwide, although they were called other things by the psychology majors of the world. There were your 'flip out and attack whatever pissed you off and anyone nearby' types, which Razorback, Phobos and Deimos were. The Whateley designation for them was a bright red armband with a very visible UV printed in black letters. For the ragers and sickos who loved to hurt people, or loved to fight there was a black armband with red letters. The kids who were just dangerous by virtue of the nature of mutation, there was a dark green armband with red letters. The poor schleps that were always just getting sucked into fights wound up with a white band lettered in black. The really dangerous ones, for whom there was a "Thou shalt not provoke" edict, the armband was blue. Shapeshifters screwed up the curve, so guys like Jimmy Trauger always were required to wear a name tag in lieu of the armband.[1]

The UltraViolent Protected List (aka Pacifist List) was instituted in October 2006, after the events in A Single Fold[2]

The List[]




Although there is some overlap with the Ultra-Violent clique, this is separate. The list is kept by Security and includes a number of people who don't like or want to fight, but either are ragers or keep getting into fights for whatever reason, such as Jimmy T's war on bullies.