Unhcegila is a Lakota snake demon of unbelievable ferocity and evil. Originally arising from the Atlantic Ocean (where it is believed he was imprisoned), he ravaged tribes in North America as he migrated to the Central US, residing in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota (Paha Sapa to the Lakota people).

He is described as having eyes of fire and a fanged mouth, with impenetrable natural armor and claws like iron. His gaze is reported to cause instant insanity. Because he is a Class X entity, he is believed to be a GOO servitor or hybrid experiment of a GOO servitor breeding with another native life form. Currently, Unhcegila is imprisoned in the Homestake Paranormal Activities Research Center, a facility dedicated to research and control of Class X Native American Spirits.[1] Uhncegila is an old enemy of Wakan Tanka, the Lakota Great Spirit, and seeks the destruction of her and her prophetess.

Unhcegila is reported to have up to 3 offspring at a time, are also reportedly Class X entities, who ravage tribes in their insatiable hunger and are fearsome opponents in battle.


  • First Son - Unhcegila's First Son was tasked with tracking down Kayda.[1] He eventually followed her all the way to Dunwich. Where he attacked her one night. Kayda and her friends GhostWalkers managed to kill him.[2]
  • Second Son - Unhcegila's Second Son was tasked with tracking down the Sacred Sphere.[1] To find the Sacred Sphere, he is hunting down shamans and killing them to get their knowledge.
  • Third Son - Unhcegila's Third Son was tasked with going to HPARC and working on weakening the barriers that are holding Uncegila trapped.[1]


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